Here at Wee Brand, we do not just create good looking brands, our brands attract and touch people’s emotional response drivers. Our brands do not just transform businesses, they transform people too—from business owners, their team, to the consumers. A strong brand living by it’s values and promises can help with building trust and breaking down resistance buyers may carry. You deserve to have a brand that you and your people are proud of.


Living your brand to it’s values and promise is the only way consumers will develop a trusting relationship with your brand. This is developed through their experience with your brand. Maintaining this will turn them into advocates. How is your brand performing?


People connect with people based on their characteristics. This is the same for brands. Brands should be treated like a living human being not just in presentation but in personality, characteristics and underlying values. Wee Brand brings brands to life!


There’s no better way to get face to face contact with your target audience than trade shows. Having the right strategy for your stand and getting your purpose and message right will help you attract and engage more visitors. Wee Brand successful stands.

Care & Consideration

We care about the outcome we achieve for our clients and all the little things that others don’t. Little things can be the bit of the puzzle to creating a game changer, which is why we don’t cut corners.

Pride & Perfectionism

We love our clients and we take pride in what we do and how we represent you. When we manage suppliers, we represent you in ensuring the best outcome is achieved.

Fun & Love

We love the freedom to dream, create and innovate. This is achieved through knowing how to have fun. And this is also how great relationships with our clients are developed.

Respect & Understanding

We respect that every business is different and has different needs. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and their consumers, this is how we provide great value.

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    Parliament House
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    Innovating Visuals
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    Education 4 Life
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    Thinc Wealth
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    Fairlab Exhibition Management

Our specialty lies in branding and brand strategies across a range of applications like brand strategies and developments, product branding and development, trade show branding and marketing, event branding, campaign branding. We work best with established businesses looking to expand and require a revamp or simply to gain clarity around their brand strategy so that their marketing campaigns can be more effective and engaging.


We help our clients gain clarity around what they stand for so that their marketing message can be clear and easily understood by their target audiences. All industries and target audiences are different and therefore a strategy needs to be carefully crafted to connect with them in the right way to encourage engagement.

We service a wide range of industries
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Whether you are a startup or an established business, with the right branding, you can potentially connect with your target audiences needs directly, as a result build trust and report that will reduce buyers resistance and increase enquiries and sales.


If you are embarrassed and unhappy about your brand, you cannot expect your target audience to like your brand and want to connect with you. Having a strong brand not only connects with your audience, it also has a huge effect on how you carry and present yourself.


Call us  and see how we can transform you and your business in under 8 weeks.