Why Does Design Matter?

Beautiful bottles, fountain pens, shells… an endless list of things people treasure, collect, fondle, not because of what they do, but because of what they represent. Ugly and cheap are closely associated in people’s minds – that’s why Home Brand Packaging is deliberately ugly – to take people’s eyes off the price. But there’s another approach … the one our clients prefer … creating a brand that draws people in and invites them to talk, creating packaging that draws the eye and invites them to touch – and that also takes their eyes off the price.


Why Pay a Premium for a Designer?

Generally, you do get what you pay for.  Balance, line, colour, experience, and sheer artistry …  these all go a long way beyond techniques and tools.  If quick turnaround and low price are your  chief concerns then Wee Brand  is not the designer for you.  If you view design as an investment in your business … and want to create something beautiful, memorable and sustainable, then this is not an area to economise.  Money spent now will be money saved in the future … as well as those extra years your images and colours have to sink into the psyche of your clients and build associations and memories.


I Can Do It Myself!

Perhaps you can.  But we’ve talked to a lot of clients who tried that.   Most of them regret the time they lost getting traction in their business as a result of starting this way.  It’s hard to quantify, but even moving from something as simple as a low-cost design-it-yourself business card to one that makes a statement and reflects your brand transforms the way prospects interact with you.- Read more about the importance of design in your business, its impact on pricing, client interactions, and authority.

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6 Design Tips You Should Know

Choose appropriate font sizes

Images need to be correct resolution

Don’t always rely on spell check

Limit the number of fonts used

Use bold, italic and capitals sparingly

Use images rather than lengthy text