How well is your brand performing?

Like anything, brands need to be reviewed from time to time to ensure that business owners, managers and the sales and service teams are representing your brand as per your brand’s values and promises. Not only this, we need to ensure that your brand is being presented to the world with consistency and purpose.

Reviews are purposefully designed for established businesses who have been in the marketplace for a while and are struggling to attract new customers or re-engage existing customers.

5 reasons why you need a review

not getting leads or sales enquiries from your marketing initiatives

getting confused with your marketing messages and are no longer sure what you stand for

too many products or service offerings that are diluting your core offering

difficulty in attracting or engaging potential buyers

you and/or your staff don’t feel proud talking or promoting your brand

Conducting a review on your brand can help identify areas where your brand is successful in and which areas need attention. This will provide clarity and direction as to what needs to be developed to become a brand of choice.

  • Corporate Brand Review
  • $490plus GST

    • Visual brand review + Online brand review
    • Team brand review
    • Full written report with how to improve areas

    • visual branding
    • corporate identity
    • marketing communications
    • website and social media branding
    • online / offline brand consistency
    • store / office environment
    • staff presentation

  • Online Review
  • $290plus GST

    • Website audit
    • Social media brand consistencies
    • Full written report with how to improve areas

    • website overall visual
    • website content relevance
    • website navigation and ease of use
    • web pages call to action
    • customer experience


Lin Wee is a brand strategist and conducts brand reviews to help businesses become more appealing and develop a first impression that is irresistible. Be the brand that people choose. Start the process by identifying the areas that might need improvement. Have a question? Ask us now.