How are you being presented to the online world?

When was the last time you checked how you are presenting yourself and your business to the world? Online has provided us with a variety of opportunities of being seen, but how is your business being viewed by the public? Branding does not stop at what your website and social media pages looks like. It is also how you, the business owner or representative, are being presented. Is your personal image a good representation of your brand?

5 common mistakes businesses make in representing their brand online

not ensuring contact details are up to date across all channels and online listings

using different ways of spelling business name across social media and website addresses

getting different designers to design different online materials resulting in no consistency in look and feel

not having a clear brand message resulting in sending mixed messages

using old or outdated photos or portraits

Conducting a review on your online brand can help realise how the public sees you and your brand. Inconsistencies in branding communicates carelessness and unprofessionalism. Having a consistent brand will increase trust building and remove a layer of initial buyers resistance.

  • Online Brand Review
  • $290plus GST

    • Website audit
    • Social media brand consistencies
    • Full written report with how to improve areas

    • website overall visual
    • website content relevance
    • website navigation and ease of use
    • web pages call to action
    • customer experience

  • Corporate Brand Review
  • $490plus GST

    • Visual brand review + Online brand review
    • Team brand review
    • Full written report with how to improve areas

    • visual branding
    • corporate identity
    • marketing communications
    • website and social media branding
    • online / offline brand consistency
    • store / office environment
    • staff presentation


Lin Wee is a brand strategist and conducts brand reviews to help businesses become more appealing and develop a first impression that is irresistible. Be the brand that people choose. Start the process by identifying the areas that might need improvement. Have a question? Ask us now.