What is a brand strategy and why should I have to go through the process?

The Origin of Brand


For thousands of years we branded livestock to show ownership. People soon started using the brands to differentiate quality of goods.


Over the years, we now understand that branding is not just a logo; branding is the communication of features, benefits, and the developing of emotional connections with their audience. Referral marketing quickly became a marketing strategy because people’s buying decisions were commonly based on what their friends and family felt about a brand. Credibility of a brand was also created through what others felt about the brand.


Today, it’s much harder for brands to develop emotional connection with their audiences in this fast paced, online socially driven world. And branding has, as a result, evolved yet again. Referrals are no longer good enough. Because the development of emotional connection through the online world is virtually impossible, customer experience is now the key differentiator. Brands now have to consider much more than what they look like and how they sell a product. They have to ensure their brand promise is being delivered consistently through every touchpoint a customer has with their brand and that customer experience is a positive one. This includes their point of contact with your brand through your website, through your marketing communications, your brand presentation, your office or store environment and through the whole enquiry to buying process.


This can be achieved once a brand gets clear on what their values and vision are, and really instill them within their team and sales staff so everyone is on purpose and is driving the same message and vision. This is done through developing a strategy for your brand. We have developed our own brand strategy process that has proven to provide clarity not just for us to create and develop a strong and effective brand, but also provide the business owner and their team clarity on what they stand for and their purpose within the organisation.

6 Branding Tips For A Stronger Brand

Ensure business name is consistent for all online addresses

Reprint business cards if they contain old information

Brand colours and styles should be consistent online and offline

Set corporate font styles and limit how many you use

Live by your brand promise

Update portraits that are over a year old