How will your graphic designers create consistent and purposeful designs without brand guidelines?

What are brand guidelines?


Brand guidelines is a document that documents what your brand values are, what you stand for and how your corporate assets should be used by designers to develop your marketing collateral. It should incorporate all of the findings from your brand strategy session that includes your brand promise, brand essence, brand vision and mission and brand personality.


These guidelines should also document how your logo should be used and how not to be used. It should list all corporate font styles, imagery direction, colour palette and language style that will represent your brand.
All Wee Brand clients get brand guidelines as part of the brand development package. We use a platform called Openbrand. This is where we store all your brand information and assets in one central location so you always have access to the right files without worrying about where you have filed them on your local hard drive. Openbrand also makes reordering print runs easy by emailing print ready files directly to your printer with a click of a button.


If you already have an established brand and want guidelines created, all we need is your logo and brand strategy findings and we can put one together for you.