Logo vs Brand

A vast majority of business owners often mistake logos as being brands. A brand is not just a logo. A brand also isn’t just what you (your business) look like visually, it encapsulates who you are, what you stand for and how you behave, which will in turn determines the public’s perception of you.


Once the characteristics have been established for your brand, your designer will only then be able to create a visual for your brand that is congruent to who you are, communicate your brand values and be presented in line with your personality.

What Difference Does Branding Make?

All the difference in the world. You can read more about the impact of branding on business here, so you don’t need to take our word for it. Branding and market positioning can mean the difference between success and failure for any business. It can also mean the difference between ‘doing all right’ and ‘explosive growth’. It can mean the difference between product sitting on shelves going out of date, and flying off the shelves faster than they can be re-stocked.

For the forward thinking business, who wants to offer premium product at premium price, Branding and Brand Strategy is essential. You want to position yourself from the start in ways that will make you proud – and that will make your clients proud to do business with you. Click here to read more on the importance of branding.

I’m Just a Small Business – Does Branding Matter?

Do you want to stay small? Investing in your brand is really an investment in future growth – sometimes that can be highly explosive and immediate. Yes, you do read of accidental successes, but these days some brands can command premium prices and others can’t – that’s a result of conscious choice. Today you’re a small business, tomorrow you could be much bigger – and it will probably be your brand that gets you there.


For the budget conscious we have a “Do-it-Yourself Brand Strategy Kit”, or you can go all out and get our guided Brand Strategy Development Sessions. Either way, you’ll be investing in the future growth of your business.

I Don’t Want to Waste Money on Branding – Is That OK?

It’s your business, and your money – but the reality is that you ARE branding yourself, whether you do it deliberately or by default. The real question is, where do you want to end up? If you look at the marketplace, I think you’ll find that many businesses have failed because they didn’t take advantage of branding to stand out from the competition. In some cases they were swallowed up by companies with inferior products or services, but better branding. Do you really want to go there?

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