Our proven process

We have developed a brand strategy process that we include in all our brand development packages and it is a process that we will not consider leaving out. The reason for this is, through our years of experience of working with businesses on their branding, we have proven, that businesses who do not go through the brand strategy process do not have clarity in what their purpose is or what it is that they stand for, hence draws out the development process because they do not know what they want and they do not have the clarity to tell you why or what they actually want. We have also proven that every client who goes through our brand strategy process end up having a very clear understanding of who they are, what they stand for, what their purpose is and this allows us to create and develop a visual brand that reflects all of who they are.


The brands that we have developed through our brand strategy process are brands that we ourselves are proud of and it is a great that we are also able to experience the shift in how our clients and our team carry themselves when talking about their brand and when representing their brand.


Our branding process begins with a brand audit. This is to determine what areas need improvement. If you are an already established brand, it is only natural to find out what is not working before coming up with plans on how to improve them. If you do not know what needs improving, how would you know what to change?