Purpose of Marketing

What is the purpose of marketing? Is it to tell the world about what you do? Is it to attract new lead and sales enquiries? If you answered yes to the above, you have come to the right place. The above is correct, back in the old world. Today, the real world, marketing is about user experience. Ensuring that your customers receive the best experience with your brand through any stage of their buying transaction. Whether it is enquiring about a product, the actual purchasing process, the delivery of the product or service, or having and using of your product or service, their experience with any of those processes will be representing your brand. If their experience is a good one, they might give a good review. If their experience is great, they might return. If their experience is fantastic, they might tell a few friends. This user’s experience’s purpose is to excite your buyers and ‘look after’ them at a level that you are seen as remarkable and share worthy. Marketing is no longer what you say you are, it is what your buyers say you are. What are you doing that is share worthy?

Fear of Niching

One of the biggest challenges business owners (and some marketing departments) face is niching. This is because of FOMO. In other words, fear of missing out. The common thought is, if we niche, we are missing out on all these other people we could be selling to. The definition of niching is to pick a selected target and focus your marketing efforts on attracting that niche. It does not mean you’re not allowed to service them or sell to them. It just means that your marketing activities will have a more defined message to attract that specific market, normally your cream clients.

How solid are your foundations?

Like building a home, the foundations have to be laid first. Having a solid foundation will ensure that the rest of the house will stand strong and serve the purpose of sheltering you. In this case, the foundations are your brand strategy and the house is your marketing activities. In order for your marketing activities to be effective, you have to have a clear and strong brand strategy.

6 common problems small businesses experience

Not understanding their purpose of activity

Not being clear on their marketing message

Not knowing who they are really marketing to

Being afraid to niche and becoming a generalist

Not truly understanding their target audience’s needs

Not really thinking about the true benefits of the buyers