Do you have a great product or service to offer but find that you get into situations where you have to really convince your buyers why they should buy from you? How does that make you feel?


The underlying problem is simple. It is your brand.


The reality is, great brands get into our minds every day but it’s only when they talk to our hearts that we truly connect It is for this reason people make brand decisions they often can’t articulate. When we talk about ‘heart’ we link to right brain thinking, our emotional side that can’t be rationalised with facts and figures. The right brain takes in visual cues, sensory and emotional benefits to guide which brand to choose over another. Understanding this highlights the need to nurture your brand’s intangible assets; these represent qualities that can’t be physically held, but held internally as feelings.

6 common mistakes small businesses make at Trade Shows

getting people’s interest

converting sales

find themselves getting into ‘convincing’ selling

discounting just to get the business

little or no repeat sales


Conducting an audit on your brand can help identify areas where your brand is successful in and which areas need attention. This will provide clarity and direction as to what needs to be developed to become a brand of choice.